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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Seven Cool Reasons For Online Dating

By Cameron Page

There used to be a huge stigma attached to Internet dating. People assumed that anyone who subscribed to web dating is either too ugly, desperate or lack self confidence. With time internet dating sites have come up the cultural ladder and have developed into their own. So, in spite of the early uncomplimentary tag to internet dating, how has the practice managed to become so popular in such a shot time? The answer could be found in some of its many advantages.


The beauty of Internet dating service is that it is anonymous. No personal information with regards to who you are, what you actually look like, how you sound and contact details will be provided outside of your own discretion.


When you are singles dating online, if an interaction stops being to your liking, or if the person you are chatting with behaves in a way that is different from what he or she led you to believe initially, you can drop them there and then. This can be done with a host of features in any dating site including blockers.

Not very expensive and can even be free

Most online dating sites are very cheap to use. There are many that offer free membership. Consequently, even if you don't have a dollar you can still go looking for online singles.

Plenty of choices

Dating websites have more registered users looking for love than you can cram into the total night club in any city you can think of. The choices are huge, with tons of opportunities for your perfect match online. In a bar, you can have a hand full that really suite your taste. In your average dating personal you have around a thousand to choose from.

Dating is cheaper

With the traditional approach, you go to a bar, pub or anywhere you meet new people. Somebody draws your attention, then if you are lucky you both connect with each other. Then the two of you begin the usual trail, coffee, film, and dinner. After sometime when you think that things are going well and that this might be the one, you make your move only to be told that they don't feel the same way. Imagine all that time and money spent going around in circles just for a small chance that you might be compatible? With online dating, you can practise the philosophy of "gather and choose". It allows you to simultaneously communicate and flirt with as many people as you like, with less time, energy and money.

Rejection is less of an issue

One of the major reason men and women don't ask each other out in the traditional dating scene is the fear of rejection. Internet dating sites removes that fear for all but the most inhibited of men. The privacy and the electronic contact system means that rejection carries none of the usual embarrassment that accompany being turned down.

You can be honest about your intentions

Both sides in internet dating have to be honest for it to work. This is an essential element of how you build your online profile and how we go about communicating with who ever we fancy. There is not much need for games and facades. The important element is the art of conversation.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Internet Dating Advice For A More Rewarding Experience

By Jason King

Avoid costly mistakes that can put you in a worse position than when you started internet dating. This internet dating advice will show you these mistakes, and then you can save yourself from any early setbacks. Any one of these will ruin anything good that you have going or completely turn other singles off of you instantly.

First mistake singles usually make is lying on their profile. When you're dating on the internet you have to be honest. Anyone can make a mistakes on the dating profile but a blatant lie is not something someone can forgive you for. There's already a big thing with trusting people who use internet dating web sites so lying is not going to do you any favors. Honesty is an attractive trait in people.

Not sending any e-mails can affect your internet dating results. Many singles never send e-mails, and the main reason for this is you can't send any until you have payed for your membership. You can reply to other singles e-mails but you need to initiate your own contact. It's no good just setting up your profile just to receive contact from other singles. Other singles like to receive e-mails, this is what starts relationships. You can add that personal touch to an e-mail to show the other singles that you're attracted to them by what you have read in their profile.

Having an empty profile is a sure way not to get contacted. By having an empty profile you're giving the impression you're only there to window shop. You need to have a nice detailed online dating profile so other singles can see what makes you tick. They want to see what you enjoy about life, and what your goals are. They can get an idea of a future with you this way, and it puts a picture in their mind. Remember to keep all your information positive. Being negative is another big turnoff.

Not visiting the internet dating service will stop singles from contacting you. Most dating web sites will show the last time you have been online. If you only visit the service once a month everyone will see this, and it will show you're not that serious in finding a date. Also the more active you are your profile will get higher in the search results as the internet dating service likes activity as well.

Contacting singles just because you like their photo will only get you disappointment. The most attractive singles on any internet dating service will always get the most messages. These will usually be flirts or smiles from singles on a free trial. These will very rarely get a reply so you'll start assuming that no one wants to reply to your messages. Read someone's profile first before making any contact, and then send them an e-mail. Just because you like the look of someone doesn't mean you will have a lasting relationship with them. It probably wouldn't get past the first date.

Never make any sexual requests or innuendos in any messages to another single. You might think that it's funny but it will only turn the other single off. If you want to do this then there are adult internet dating services that are catered for this behaviour. On an ordinary dating service this will not be tolerated by the singles or the service itself. You don't want to get banned from using the service because of 2 minutes of madness.

If you stay away from the mistakes above your internet dating experience will be a lot more rewarding. And you won’t be single for very much longer.

Article Source: http://www.articlecity.com/articles/relationships/article_1353.shtml
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Friday, July 9, 2010

More Online Dating Tips – The 7 Major Benefits

By Joe J. Anderson

In “Online Dating Tips,” I cleared up two common misconceptions about meeting women over the Internet and gave you a few tips for successful online seduction. Some of you probably signed up for a dating website the second you finished reading the article, but I’m sure many of you are not yet convinced. If you’re still wondering if online dating is right for you, here are some benefits of Internet seduction:

• You can search specifically for women who match your interests and possess the physical characteristics you prefer. You can even finding dating sites that cater to specific interests, religions, and professions.

• It’s much cheaper than going on dates. You don’t have to pay for gas, dinner, drinks, movie tickets, new shoes that will blow her away, etc.

• The pain of rejection is drastically minimized. If you’re still learning to deal with rejection with panache, online dating is for you. Ending an interaction with a woman is as simple as not responding to a message or logging off.

• You don’t have to go to the trouble of finding a good venue in which to meet women. You won’t have to worry about competing with noisy sound systems in bars, or finding a bookstore with just the right ratio of women to men.

• You can easily increase your odds by communicating with multiple women at the same time.

• You have time to think about your initial approach and your responses to messages. If you suffer from approach anxiety or find that you have trouble thinking on your feet in the midst of seduction situations, meeting people online gives you plenty of time to formulate a plan of attack before interacting with a woman.

Online dating can be done anytime, anywhere, and in any condition. Whether you’re vacationing in Hawaii, suffering from a bout of the flu, having trouble sleeping at 5am, or wearing nothing but 10 year old boxers full of holes because it’s laundry day, online dating is available to you.

As you can see, online dating really is the place to perfect your seduction techniques and fine hone your alpha male status.

Article Source: http://www.articlecity.com/articles/relationships/article_3517.shtml
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Online Dating Tips: The Myths And Rules Revealed

By Joe J.Anderson

Whether you’re searching for a casual hook up, a long-term relationship, or something in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for online. Before you venture into the brave new world of Internet dating, I’d like to dispel the two biggest myths of meeting people online:

Myth #1: Online dating is for losers. If you’re under the impression that only people who are desperate, unattractive, or socially incompetent use dating websites, you’re wrong. These days, online personals represent a wide variety of people.

Myth #2: Looks don’t matter. In general, women rely less on looks than men do when determining a person’s attractiveness, but that doesn’t mean that looks don’t count at all. You must have a profile photo, and several other pictures that make you look like the awesome, alpha male you are.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are three tips that will increase you success online:

Online Dating Tip #1: Be clear about what you want. The more specific you can be about who you are and what kind of woman you’re interested in, the more positive responses you will get. Determine the characteristics of the type of woman you’re interested in finding and tailor your profile to those women as much as possible.

Online Dating Tip #2: Don’t lie. It might seem tempting to make yourself taller, better looking, wealthier, more educated, etc., when you’re not communicating with a woman face-to-face, but that approach inevitably backfires. The goal is to meet her in person, so don’t say anything you can’t back up when you meet offline.

Online Dating Tip #3: Most of what you’ve learned about face-to-face seduction applies online as well. A woman still appreciates a sense of humor. It’s still important that you don’t come off as needy or desperate (by sending her too many messages, for example). Showing confidence, dominance, and other alpha traits is still a vital part of the seduction process.

Dating sites are filled with women who are actively trying to meet men…what could be better (and easier) than that? Put the negative stereotypes out of your head and give it a shot!

Article Source: http://www.articlecity.com/articles/men/article_325.shtml
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Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Flirt With Girls - What Every Man Should Know About Flirting

By Chris Tyler

Flirting with girls can either be one of the best experiences that you can have, OR it can be one of those things that you want to avoid at all costs. Some guys really do have a hard time flirting with women and if you consider yourself to be one of them, you need to be able to "fix" this area as soon as possible if you want to suddenly find yourself dating like never before.

You have to be able to build attraction and create a connection with a woman if you want to be able to go beyond friendship and have the chance of dating her. You cannot expect for a woman to fall for you if you cannot seem to get yourself to flirt with her. You have to allow her to have a good time when she is around you and by flirting with a woman, this is HOW you are going to be able to make her feel this way about you.

So, what SHOULD every man know about flirting?

Here are some flirting tips that no man should be without:

1. You want to see her smile.

You want to know that she is having a good time when she is with you. The last thing that you want to make a woman feel is as though she wants to get away as soon as she can. You want to make her want to stay when she is with you and to do this, you have to keep her smiling. This is one of those sure signs that you are heading up the right path with a woman.

2. She needs to see YOUR fun side.

Serious may be okay when you are on the job, but when you are out with a woman, you want to be able to shed that serious side. You want to let her in on your fun side and let her see that when she is with you, times are going to be good. This is what will make her want to stay with you and get to know you better. Dating and flirting should be fun and you need to keep it that way.

3. You have to be able to go from friendly to flirty.

Starting off things with a woman, it's okay to be friendly. However, if you want to take things in the other direction and start to get physical with a woman, then you have to be able to go from being just friendly to flirty. Now, this should be an easy transition so that it flows smoothly and seems 100 percent natural. You don't want to be too obvious about what you are trying to do.

It's perfectly natural to see flirting with women as something that you are not naturally good at.

Most guys really aren't natural flirts with women. If you want to be able to go beyond friends with women, you have to learn how to make yourself become a guy that can flirt with women with no problem at all.

Article Source: http://www.isnare.com
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