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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Seven Cool Reasons For Online Dating

By Cameron Page

There used to be a huge stigma attached to Internet dating. People assumed that anyone who subscribed to web dating is either too ugly, desperate or lack self confidence. With time internet dating sites have come up the cultural ladder and have developed into their own. So, in spite of the early uncomplimentary tag to internet dating, how has the practice managed to become so popular in such a shot time? The answer could be found in some of its many advantages.


The beauty of Internet dating service is that it is anonymous. No personal information with regards to who you are, what you actually look like, how you sound and contact details will be provided outside of your own discretion.


When you are singles dating online, if an interaction stops being to your liking, or if the person you are chatting with behaves in a way that is different from what he or she led you to believe initially, you can drop them there and then. This can be done with a host of features in any dating site including blockers.

Not very expensive and can even be free

Most online dating sites are very cheap to use. There are many that offer free membership. Consequently, even if you don't have a dollar you can still go looking for online singles.

Plenty of choices

Dating websites have more registered users looking for love than you can cram into the total night club in any city you can think of. The choices are huge, with tons of opportunities for your perfect match online. In a bar, you can have a hand full that really suite your taste. In your average dating personal you have around a thousand to choose from.

Dating is cheaper

With the traditional approach, you go to a bar, pub or anywhere you meet new people. Somebody draws your attention, then if you are lucky you both connect with each other. Then the two of you begin the usual trail, coffee, film, and dinner. After sometime when you think that things are going well and that this might be the one, you make your move only to be told that they don't feel the same way. Imagine all that time and money spent going around in circles just for a small chance that you might be compatible? With online dating, you can practise the philosophy of "gather and choose". It allows you to simultaneously communicate and flirt with as many people as you like, with less time, energy and money.

Rejection is less of an issue

One of the major reason men and women don't ask each other out in the traditional dating scene is the fear of rejection. Internet dating sites removes that fear for all but the most inhibited of men. The privacy and the electronic contact system means that rejection carries none of the usual embarrassment that accompany being turned down.

You can be honest about your intentions

Both sides in internet dating have to be honest for it to work. This is an essential element of how you build your online profile and how we go about communicating with who ever we fancy. There is not much need for games and facades. The important element is the art of conversation.

Article Source: http://www.articlecity.com/articles/relationships/article_3917.shtml


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